Asbestos, Lead & Mold

Weir Environmental provides a variety of investigation and testing services related to buildings and construction.  Our most widely utilized services in this area include asbestos, lead, and mold consulting services.

Prior to any renovation or demolition activities, the EPA as well as state regulations require an asbestos survey to be conducted.  All building materials that are to be impacted should be tested, and if any asbestos containing materials are discovered, they should be abated by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.  Suspect asbestos containing materials include roofing, flooring, adhesives, wallboard systems, and textured walls and ceilings.  Weir provides management and oversight services during asbestos abatement projects including air sampling to determine exposure levels.  Weir works diligently with our Clients and the abatement contractors to ensure that all projects are completed in time and within budget as well as in accordance with the state and federal regulations.

Buildings and structures that were painted prior to 1978 have a high probability that they are coated with lead based paint.  Lead can be extremely dangerous to children under the age of 6, and it can affect their brain development and function.   Weir utilizes X-Ray Fluorescent  (XRF) lead paint analyzers to test painted surfaces and get instant results.  In addition, Weir offers sampling for paint, soil, and air to determine the presence and extent of lead contamination and the potential for exposure to children or adults.

Mold is ubiquitous in our environment but can be harmful when found in buildings and when occupants are exposed.  Molds can be found anywhere; they can grow on virtually any substance, providing moisture is present.  Mold is commonly found growing on wood, paper, carpet, drywall, and ceiling tiles.  Mold requires a food and water source for growth and is often associated with roof or plumbing leaks or unsealed building envelopes as well as other events such as fires and floods.  Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposure include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.  Weir assists our clients in identifying the source of water that is contributing to the mold growth and develops viable solutions for remediation of affected building materials and spaces.